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Find RPO vendors to meet your needs, whether its outsourcing the entire recruiting function or just outsourcing recruiting for that new large project or hiring initiative that requires instant recruiting capacity. 

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Webinar | Speakers: Mandy McPherson & Patty Silbert | Newton Talent

When VP of HR Mandy McPherson first considered recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) for meeting the challenges of keeping pace with Lumina Foods’ growth, she didn’t realize how many ways her new partnership would help her meet them! Mandy joins Patty Silbert, President of Newton Talent, to discuss the unexpected advantages of working with an RPO.

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eBook | AdvancedRPO

In this case study, you will learn how this organization was able to recruit and engage top talent (with 73% from passive candidates), exceed hiring manager and candidate satisfaction goals and reduce hiring cycle time by more than sixty days by implementing a tailored recruitment process outsourcing program.

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Eight Red Flags You Should Know with Recruitment Process Outsourcing

eBook | Author: Jen Iliff |  Novotus

How can you avoid the wrong RPO provider? What should you look for when vetting RPO providers? How can you guarantee success and avoid failure?

This eBook provides you with warning signs (red flags) to look for when seeking an RPO relationship. It should serve as a resource when evaluating potential partners. 

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Letting Go: How to Get the Most Out of RPO

Webinar | Presenters: Mat Rivera & Roane | Yoh

Are you really ready to outsource your recruiting? It seems like a simple question, but the reality is that many companies considering RPO, or even those actively engaged in an RPO partnership, don’t realize what it means to really let go of their recruiting. 

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If Your RPO Provider Says This, Buyer Beware

Webinar | Presenters: Melinda Gotcher & Jen Iliff, Marketing | Novotus

Let’s face it. Sometimes vendors over promise and under deliver. How can you know if that will be the case with your RPO provider? In this webinar, Melinda Gotcher, Director of Talent Acquisition from Novotus, and Jen Iliff, VP of Marketing from Novotus, will explore some of the tell tale signs that could indicate trouble is on the horizon. 

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Time to Consider Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Webinar | Presenter: John Younger | Accolo

Learn the reasons and steps for considering recruitment process outsourcing, and how to establish an RPO relationship that lasts and what to avoid in this highly interactive webinar that answers even the most difficult questions.

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Planning for an RPO Engagement

White Paper | Author: Pam Verhoff | Advanced RPO

As recruitment process outsourcing has been evolving over the past couple of decades, RPO delivery models have been changing and RPO engagements have become more defined. 

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CASE STUDY: Transitioning Your Recruiting Organization

Webinar | Presenters: Jimmy Taylor & Juste Turner | Novotus

Managing talent acquisition in highly competitive industries is always a challenge. Mix in the additional challenges of mergers and acquisitions and a decentralized recruiting function and the task is even harder. When faced with those challenges this company had to choose to maintain the status quo, or to reorganize their recruiting into a streamlined centralized recruiting function. In this webinar, Jimmy Taylor and Juste Turner with Novotus, will present a case study on the three year partnership to build a centralized corporate recruiting function for their client. 

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