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Hiring Solutions: Top 5 Requirements for Every Talent Acquisition Program

Webinar | Speakers: John Hess & Pam Verhoff | Advanced RPO

Whether your hiring solution is completely internal, utilizes an agency, executive search, contract recruiters, recruitment process outsourcing or a mix of these solutions, there are fundamental components that are critical in delivering an optimized talent acquisition program.

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Culture Fit Disrupted: How Corporate Culture Can Win You Top Talent

eBook | Authors: Dwight Cooper and Sarah Palmer | Heman

Download this eBook and access tips and guidelines necessary to engage your employees and build a culture that draws in the top talent that can make your organization the next Great Place to Work.

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How to use Twitter for Recruiting Qualified Candidates

Webinar | Speaker: Joel Capperella | Yoh

This informative presentation uncovers methods for using Twitter in a way that will increase your reach, authority and accessibility across your professional networks to help you find and attract more qualified candidates. 

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Recruiting MetRics 101

eBook | Accolo

Why Bother Measuring Your Recruiting Performance? The simple answer is, if you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it. This paper outlines recruiting metrics that matters for measuring performance. 

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Roadmap to Hiring Success

eBook | Author: John Younger | Accolo

In this eBook, you’ll learn about the changing landscape of recruiting, and what the best recruiting strategies are to keep you competitive in a high-demand labor market. 

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Is Your Recruitment Strategy More Like Go Fish or Minecraft?

Webinar | Speakers: Beth Miller & Richard Jordan | Headway

There is so much information out there about how the candidate experience impacts your overall company. Join this webinar to gather the most important information for you as an HR or Operational Executive. 

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Attracting and Engaging the Talent Your Organization Needs

Webinar | Speaker: Jimmy Taylor | Novotus

Recruiting is more important than ever to your organization. At the same time, recruiting today is much more complex. We have more tools, more places to look, and our recruiting teams are often swamped with requisitions. Today anybody can be found, but activating A players is tough. 

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A Recruiter's Roadmap to Hiring Success

Webinar | Speaker: John Younger | Accolo

Recruiting in 2015 will likely be the most competitive environment we've seen -- last year, unemployment was the lowest its been since 2008, yet it took companies an average of 25 days to fill open positions (39 days for technology-related hires). In this webinar, John Younger explains the changing landscape of recruiting in 2015, and what the best recruiting strategies are to keep you competitive in a high-demand labor market. 

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Top Recruiting Challenges- A Panel Discussion

Webinar | Speakers: Mike Mayeux, Ryan Stockwell, Melinda Gotcher, Jen Iliff | Novotus

In this webinar, a panelist of recruiting experts working with a variety of industries discuss the current talent acquisition challenges facing recruiting leaders. We’ll look at things like “reducing time-to-fill” and provide actionable solutions that will help drive results. We’ll also equip you with information that can be used to help explain to your leadership team some of the changes impacting recruiting today.

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The Unique Challenges and Solutions to IT Recruiting

Webinar | Speaker: Andrew Greenberg | The Recruiting Division

No one IT recruiter can know everything about the work that their diverse candidates must perform when recruiting database developers, software testers, Java developers, and other IT professionals. The challenges of IT recruiting can be met with a range of tools and strategies, including Technical Pre-Screening, Networking, Social Aggregation tools, and Social Media platforms. 

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The Boardroom Recruiting Report

Webinar | Speaker: Mike Mayeux | Novotus

Join Mike Mayeux, Founder and CEO of Novotus, as he provides information that helps talent acquisition leaders share the impact of recruiting. As a leader in the recruiting industry, Mike uses nearly 20 years’ experience in the talent acquisition industry to steer employees, clients, and candidates toward success.  

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Establishing a Social Media Recruiting Strategy

Webinar | Speaker: Joel Capperella | Yoh

In this informative and enlightening webinar on, Establishing a Social Media Recruiting Strategy, Joel Capperella of Yoh and Lamees Abourahma of Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association, explore the important factors to consider when integrating social media into your recruiting strategy. 

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Recruiting Senior Level Executives with LinkedIn and Video

Webinar | Speaker: Hank Stringer | Novotus

This presentation will address how LinkedIn and recorded Internet video streaming have dramatically changed the traditional executive search industry providing greater talent reach, quicker assessments and faster time to executive hire. Stringer will also explore LinkedIn and Video best practices for executive search, how they are used today and how future technology advances could change our traditional executive search business model. 

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Employee Referral Campaign Guide

White Paper | Author: Accolo

A complimentary guide to help design and execute employee referral campaigns for your company, leveraging the reach of social networks. 

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Building Your Brand Through Recruitment

White Paper | Author: Accolo

Learn how to build your brand through recruitment and start enhancing your name and success at the same time! 

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How to Find the Right Cultural Fit for Your Company

eBook | Promoted Content | Hueman RPO

When you're interviewing job candidates, what do you focus on? Do you go beyond qualifications? You should. Focusing on finding the right cultural fits during your recruitment can benefit your organization from top to bottom. Learn how to find the right cultural fits for your company.

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The Only End-to-End Guide on World-Class Recruitment

eBook | Promoted Content | Hueman RPO

Learn How the Nation's Most-Decorated "Best Workplace" Mastered the Art of Recruiting-and how you can, too.

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