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Hiring Solutions: Top 5 Requirements for Every Talent Acquisition Program

Speakers: John Hess & Patty Verhoff | Advanced RPO

Whether your hiring solution is completely internal, utilizes an agency, executive search, contract recruiters, recruitment process outsourcing or a mix of these solutions, there are fundamental components that are critical in delivering an optimized talent acquisition program.

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Surprise! 5 Things You Didn't Know Your RPO Could ProvidER

Webinar | Speakers: Mandy McPherson & Patty Silbert | Newton Talent

When VP of HR Mandy McPherson first considered recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) for meeting the challenges of keeping pace with Lumina Foods’ growth, she didn’t realize how many ways her new partnership would help her meet them! Mandy joins Patty Silbert, President of Newton Talent, to discuss the unexpected advantages of working with an RPO.

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BLURED LINES: Blurring the lines between human resources, recruiting, and marketing

Topic: Recruiting Best Practices | Speakers: Stacie Johnson and Ryan Baca

Learn how to use marketing strategies to create an employer brand that attracts, recruits, onboards and engages employees in today's tight candidate market. Employer brand is the key differentiator when it comes to which company will attract AND RETAIN top talent.

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Innovative Talent Solutions: Case studies of true business impact

Topic: Recruitment Process Outsourcing | Speakers: Pam Verhoff and Tim Oyer

View two examples of organizations with unique talent acquisition challenges, and illustrate the big business impact that resulted from applying recruitment process outsourcing as a strategic talent solution for these challenges.


Topic: Recruitment Process Outsourcing | Speakers: Mike Palmer and Mike Tastle

Many HR leaders think that big companies like Apple, IBM, and GE have talent acquisition all buttoned up with either huge recruiting departments or by using recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) to manage their recruiting function. Discover why RPO is a match made in Heaven for small business just like yours.

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Finding Authentic High Potential Talent in the Crowd: Where’s Waldo?

Topic: Recruiting Best Practices | Speaker: Kim E. Ruyle

This session reviews research and provides a framework to accurately identify high potential talent, accelerate their development, and retain these critical employees.

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Personality, Poise, & Prejudice: The Science of Predicting Potential

Topic: Recruiting Best Practices | Speaker: Kim E. Ruyle

Ruyle explores the neuroscience of personality, methods to mitigate implicit bias, and insights that will enhance your selection, development, and retention of high potential talent.

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Culture Fit Disrupted

Topic: Business Culture | Speakers: Dwight Cooper and Sarah Palmer

Learn the true meaning of company culture, how to define it and, most importantly, how to hire for it--all to bolster your bottom line. The discussion features insights from Hueman founder and CEO, Dwight Cooper: the only individual who has built a Best Workplace in America for 13 years in row.

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How to become an RPO provider

Topic: Recruitment Process Outsourcing | Presenters: Maru Gonzalez and Cynthia Cohen

If you’re considering adding RPO services to your recruiting offering, knowledge and experience are likely your greatest barrier to entry. Cohen and Gonzalez (with over 10 years experience in the RPO industry) provide a thorough overview of RPO for newcomers.

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The Employment Story: The Future of Recruiting and Employer Brand

Topic: Employer Brand | Presenter: Joel Capperella

What will differentiate employers today and in the foreseeable future is their ability to clearly articulate their employer brand. That means telling the authentic and compelling story of employment with their organization.

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So You've Implemented an RPO program... now what?

Topic: Recruitment Process Outsourcing | Moderator: Ryan Baca | Panelists: Heather McGotty, Malaika Kettke, Don Codner, Cynthia Cohen

This panel discussion focuses on the relationship between RPO customers and service providers at various stages of an engagement lifecycle. The panelists, HR professionals who sat on both sides of the RPO table, share their experiences and methods that contributed to developing a productive RPO program.

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Time to Consider Recruitment Process OutsourCING

Topic: Recruitment Process Outsourcing | Speaker: John Younger 

Learn reasons and steps for considering recruitment process outsourcing, and how to establish an RPO relationship that lasts and what to avoid in this highly interactive webinar that answers even the most difficult questions.

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Building Talent Communities with Content Marketing

Topic: Recruiting Trends | Speaker: Joel Capperella | Capperella, LLC

An Inbound or Content recruiting strategy allows the company to focus talent development as if people mattered. This webinar will help you identify how to begin to tell your story of employment to the talent communities that matter most to your business. 

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If Your RPO Provider Says This, Buyer Beware

Topic: Recruitment Process Outsourcing | Melinda Gotcher & Jen Iliff | Novotus

Let’s face it. Sometimes vendors over promise and under deliver. How can you know if that will be the case with your RPO provider? This webinar explores some of the tell tale signs that could indicate trouble is on the horizon. 

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Practical RPO: Getting Real Benefits from an RPO Program 

Topic: Recruitment Process Outsourcing | Andy Roane & Matt Rivera | Yoh

This webinar talk about the real benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) from real-life success stories. From project-based RPO to full-scale programs, learn about the client’s need, the type of RPO program that was implemented, and the metrics used to measure results. Perfect for individuals dipping their toe in RPO waters and curious to learn about the benefits of RPO or those looking to refresh their approach. 

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Is Your Recruitment Strategy More Like Go Fish or Minecraft?

Topic: Recruiting. Employer Brand | Presenter: Beth Miller | Headway Workforce Solutions

Employers must convey a positive experience throughout the application process. They should produce content that makes people want to come back and that seeks to build a connection to your company. 

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TestING the Water with Project-based RPO

Topic: Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association | Presenter: Ray Rike | Accolo

How do you evaluate and determine if recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is right for you? This webinar will teach you how to cut through the fluff and learn how to properly evaluate recruitment process outsourcing providers. You’ll learn tips and tricks for getting started with project-based RPO, as well as how to begin “testing the water” with various providers.

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RPO Implementation: Laying the Ground Work for SucceSs

Topic: Recruitment Process Outsourcing | Presenters: Ryan Baca & Heather McGotty | About Talent & Welche's Food Inc. 

This webinar provides a case study of how Welch’s Foods Inc. a Consumer Goods Company, selected and implemented RPO to streamline and standardize their talent acquisition process. The process allowed Welch's HR professionals to become more strategic business partners. This presentation is a deep dive into the implementation process and experience. 

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Attracting and Engaging the Talent Your Organization Needs

Topic: Recruiting Best Practices | Presenter: Jimmy Taylor | Novotus

Today anybody can be found, but finding and activating A players is tough. During this session dedicated to showcasing best practices in recruiting today, Jimmy Taylor, co-founder of Novotus will review how to build an effective recruiting process. He'll also cover how to diagnose and improve the one you have in place already by providing advice on how to partner with RPO vendors effectively to solve recruiting challenges.

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Topic: Recruiting Best Practices | Presenter: John Younger | Accolo

John Younger, RPOA co-founder explains the changing and challenging landscape of recruiting in 2015 and the best recruiting strategies to keep you competitive in a high-demand labor market.

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Top Recruiting Challenges

Topic: Recruiting Best Practices | Presenters: Mike Mayeux, Ryan Stockwell, Melinda Gotcher, Jen Iliff, Novotus

A panelist of recruiting experts working with a variety of industries discuss the current talent acquisition challenges facing recruiting leaders. We’ll look at things like “reducing time-to-fill” and provide actionable solutions that will help drive results. We’ll also equip you with information that can be used to help explain to your leadership team some of the changes impacting recruiting today.

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Letting Go: How to Get the Most Out of RPO

Topic: Recruitment Process Outsourcing | Presenter: Matt Rivera & Andy Roane | Yoh

Are you really ready to outsource your recruiting? It seems like a simple question, but the reality is that many companies considering RPO, or even those actively engaged in an RPO partnership, don’t realize what it means to really let go of their recruiting. View this webinar to learn about the various reasons how and why you should let go and let the RPO provider do their job.

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State of the Hiring Union

Topic: Recruiting Trends | Presenters: Ray Rike | Accolo

The battle for hiring great candidates is getting hotter and hotter. The most accurate information on what the hiring market looks like, how to source the best candidates and the costs of recruit-to-hire are more important than ever.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing a Decade Later – What it Means for Buyers, Providers and Results

Topic: Recruitment Process Outsourcing | Panelists: Mike Mayeux, Novotus; John Younger, Accolo; Mark Baudler, Panduit; Kipp Sassaman, Fikes Wholesale. Moderator: Frank Casale, The Outsourcing Institute

As the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) market has grown over the past ten years, the level of sophistication has also matured. Today’s savvy buyers demand creative solutions and pricing from providers who are skilled at strategic workforce planning, employer branding and forging long term relationships.

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How to Manage a Healthy RPO Relationship that Stays Focused on Results

Topic: Recruitment Process Outsourcing | Presenters: Rachel Clark, Synergy; Ray Rike, Accolo; Matt Rivera, Yoh 

Finding a right fit is always the start to a great relationship. Your business is made on right fits. However, a leader can’t assume that character alone will carry strong results forever. Understanding how to manage, support and maintain a strong relationship with your RPO provider or client will set you up for the best results.

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The Boardroom Recruiting Report

Topic: Recruiting Best Practices | Presenter: Mike Mayeux | Novotus

It’s no secret that one of the biggest expenses and assets for an organization are employees. From recruiting and hiring to training and retaining, managing human resources is a huge cost. If done well, it can also be the biggest asset.

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Core RPO Services: It's Not a One-Size Fits All

Topic: Recruitment Process Outsourcing | Presenter: Matt Rivera | Yoh

Learn the four main categories of RPO services and who the ideal customer for each type of service is. You'll get to learn the truth about core RPO services that should help you make educated decisions on outsourcing recruiting for your organization.

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Setting up for Success: What to Prepare For When Engaging an RPO Partner

Topic: Recruitment Process Outsourcing | Presenter: Sherry Hamilton; Accolo, Rachel Clark, Synergy

Any successful relationship is dependent on a good beginning. Working with an RPO provider is no different. Learn how to identify the work an RPO buyer needs to take on first to ensure a successful, results-oriented relationship with an RPO provider from start to finish.

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Fifty Shades of RPO: Loving Your RPO Partner after the Sexy Sales Team Leaves Town

Topic: Recruitment Process Outsourcing | Presenters: Cory Kruse & Jen Iliff | Novotus

What is common between marriage and recruitment process outsourcing? They're both relationships that need to be set right and worked on. When you get started with a new relationship, it’s the honeymoon phase.  You know, when the relationship is new and everything is rosy.  But once the honeymoon’s over, you need to be sure you’ve picked a good a partner for now and ever after. 

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Disruptive Forces in the Recruitment Marketplace 

Topic: Recruitment Process Outsourcing | Moderator: John Younger, Accolo; Panelists: Joel Capperella, Yoh; David Pollard, TalentFusion; Mark Lukens, Method3

What is common between marriage and recruitment process outsourcing? They're both relationships that need to be set right and worked on. When you get started with a new relationship, it’s the honeymoon phase.  You know, when the relationship is new and everything is rosy.  But once the honeymoon’s over, you need to be sure you’ve picked a good a partner for now and ever after. 

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An RPO Case Study: How to Transition Your Recruiting Organization

Topic: Recruitment Process Outsourcing | Presenters: Jimmy Taylor & Juste Turner | Novotus

Managing talent acquisition in highly competitive industries is always a challenge. Mix in the additional challenges of mergers and acquisitions and a decentralized recruiting function and the task gets even harder. When faced with those challenges this company had to choose to maintain the status quo, or to reorganize their recruiting into a streamlined centralized recruiting function.

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How to Establish a Social Media Recruiting Strategy

Topic: Social Recruiting | Presenter: Joel Capperella | Yoh

Learn the important factors to consider when integrating social media into your recruiting strategy.

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How to Use Twitter for Recruiting Qualified Candidates

Topic: Social Recruiting | Presenter: Joel Capperella | Yoh

Twitter is the most open of all of today’s current social media platforms and provides tremendous value to nurturing both active and passive candidates and diligently broadcasting your company's message.

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How to Recruit Senior Level Executives with LinkedIn and Video

Topic: Recruiting Best Practices | Presenter: Hank Stringer | Novotus

What are the best tools for recruiting senior level executives? Learn how LinkedIn and recorded Internet video streaming have dramatically changed the traditional executive search industry.

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