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Managing Aggressive Growth

eBook | AdvancedRPO

In this case study, you will learn how this organization was able to recruit and engage top talent (with 73% from passive candidates), exceed hiring manager and candidate satisfaction goals and reduce hiring cycle time by more than sixty days by implementing a tailored recruitment process outsourcing program.

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Culture Fit Disrupted: How Corporate Culture Can Win You Top Talent

Topic: Culture | Authors: Dwight Cooper and Sarah Palmer | Heuman

Download this eBook and access tips and guidelines necessary to engage your employees and build a culture that draws in the top talent that can make your organization the next Great Place to Work.

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The Roadmap to Hiring Success

Topic: Recruiting | Author: John Younger | Accolo

In this book, you’ll learn about the changing landscape of recruiting, and what the best recruiting strategies are to keep you competitive in a high-demand labor market.

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Building Talent Communities with Content Marketing

Topic: Recruiting | Author: Joel Capperella | Joel Capperella, LLC

This eBook will help you identify how to begin to tell your story of employment to the talent communities that matter most to your business and ultimately amplify your recruiting efforts, employment brand and employee engagement.

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Core RPO Services: It's Not One-Size-Fits-All

Topic: Recruitment Process Outsourcing | Author: Matt Rivera | Yoh

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services can seem incredibly confusing to anyone who is not familiar with these emerging solutions. The RPO industry is not yet standardized, especially when it comes to services. Providers use different terminology to describe services, and different providers offer all or a subset of these services. This makes finding the right solution challenging for both RPO providers and customers. 

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The Myth of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Topic: Recruitment Process Outsourcing | Author: Accolo

A look at when to outsource the recruitment function, and how to gain the most out of your RPO while staying in control. Learn the three principal hurdles in navigating the recruitment outsourcing landscape:

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A Quick Guide to Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Topic: Recruitment Process Outsourcing | Author: John Younger | Accolo

This book presents recruitment process outsourcing as a viable solution to present-day hiring challenges. We explore reasons to consider RPO, metrics for measuring performance, keys for RPO success and pitfalls that lead to failure. This book is a quick guide for anybody interested in understanding recruitment process outsourcing.

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Eight Red Flags You Should Know with Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Topic: Recruitment Process Outsourcing | Author: Jen Iliff & Melinda Gotcher | Novotus

Deciding to outsource your recruitment process to an outside provider can impact not only your Human Resources function but your business results. Many of your business objectives are affected by the quality of talent your company acquire and retain. Therefore, it is critical to choose the right recruitment process outsourcing partner for your company.

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Direct from the Trenches: A Case Study of How RPO Repaired a Fractured Recruiting Structure

Topic: Recruitment Process Outsourcing | Novotus

This eBook tells the story of a three-year case in building a centralized corporate recruiting function including what lead to the decision to outsource through a scorecard of results and costs compared to industry averages.

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What the Bleep is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Topic: Recruitment Process Outsourcing 

Download this paper to learn all you need to know about recruitment process outsourcing and find out if its the right solution for you: What is recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)?; The history of RPO; The benefits of RPO; Tips on selecting an RPO provider; Some of the risks you should be aware of.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing- The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Topic: Recruitment Process Outsourcing | Novotus

This white paper will explore the three principle hurdles in maximizing the impact of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO): motivators for outsourcing; the root problems that outsourcing will and will not solve; and the top 7 success factors in identifying and managing the Recruitment Process Outsourcer for your organization.

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ten Things You Should Know about Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The RPO industry is growing for one good reason: it gets results. However, as RPO is an emerging industry, there is considerable noise in the marketplace. Many companies are jumping on the bandwagon, claiming to provide RPO, hoping to cash on its potential.

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Recruiting Metrics 101: What You Need to Know About Measuring Your Recruiting Performance

Why bother measuring your recruiting performance? The simple answer is, if you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it. This paper outlines recruiting metrics that matters for measuring performance.

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The Employee Referral Campaign Guide

Topic: Recruiting | Accolo

This is a complimentary guide to help design and execute employee referral campaigns for your company by leveraging the reach of social networks. Download this white paper and learn the 8 steps to launching and running a successful employee referral campaign!

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Planning for a Recruitment Process Outsourcing Engagement

Topic: Recruitment Process Outsourcing | Author: Pam Verhoff | Advanced RPO

As recruitment process outsourcing has been evolving over the past couple of decades, RPO delivery models have been changing and RPO engagements have become more defined. In this paper based on an interview with Pam Verhoff, Advanced RPO President, you will learn:

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Building Your Brand Through the Hiring Process 

There are multiple touch points throughout the hiring process. The first and last impressions that the candidate has are crucial in determining a candidate’s opinion of your company. To examine branding specifically in the hiring process, we will look at five distinct phases.

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The C-Suite Handbook to Strategic Recruitment

Topic: Recruiting | Promoted Content: Hueman RPO

Losing a single nurse can cost hospitals nearly $65,000. On average, providers spend $1,200 training each new employee — and that’s if they can find people to fill the vacancies. Organizations that struggle to recruit replacements spend up to 50 percent of their yearly revenues hiring premium labor sources.

Strategic recruitment is a solution to prevent this turnover problem. Healthcare organizations that hire the right people from the beginning see improved satisfaction among workers and patients, and they reduce their financial and personnel losses.

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How to Reduce Employee Turnover in Your Healthcare Company

Topic: Recruiting | Promoted Content: Hueman RPO

Healthcare is adding jobs at a rate almost double that of other industries. This means healthcare employees — whether they’re A+ or C- candidates — have plenty of job options to choose from. Workers know their skills are in high demand, and they’re not afraid to leave jobs in pursuit of something better.

This eBook provides a thorough overview of how turnover is affecting everything from quality of care to profitability. It also relays crucial tips as to how you can reduce turnover within your organization.

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How to Find the Right Cultural Fit for Your Company

Topic: Recruiting | Promoted Content

When you're interviewing job candidates, what do you focus on? Do you go beyond qualifications? You should. Focusing on finding the right cultural fits during your recruitment can benefit your organization from top to bottom. Learn how to find the right cultural fits for your company.

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Getting HR in the Marketing Mindset

Topic: Recruiting Best Practices | Promoted Content

Don’t struggle to connect! Learn the recruitment marketing techniques that can make your hiring more effective. Discover the 5 Sales Secrets that can turn your candidate’s experience from being merely a transaction to the start of a relationship with your brand.

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Is RPO Right for Your Business?

Topic: Recruitment Process Outsourcing | Promoted Content

It’s trickier today than ever before to get candidates in the door with the right balance of skill set, experience level, and the best cultural fit. And advances in technology and social media have made recruitment more difficult, more complex…and more strategic in nature. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) offers the manpower and expertise needed to compete for top talent.

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Social Skills: Social Media for Employers

Topic: Recruiting Best Practices | Promoted Content

Social media can be your greatest weakness or biggest ally... However, your greatest tool does not lie within advertising, but rather within your own employees. Building and maintaining your employer brand on social media and actively involving your employees can increase internal engagement, attract top talent, and communicate trustworthiness to customers.

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The World-Class Recruitment Guide: The Best Recruitment Strategies & Tips to Attract Top Talent

Topic: Recruiting Best Practices | Promoted Content

Learn How the Nation's Most-Decorated "Best Workplace" Mastered the Art of Recruiting-and how you can, too.

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