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Fostering mutually beneficial partnerships within the talent provider community.

What is iCoCo?

iCoCo is a leadership initiative launched by the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA) in 2022. The objective is to empower RPO providers to grow their businesses and serve their clients by fostering strategic relationships with technology and service providers within the iCoCo community.

iCoCo offers high-touch programs connecting technology and service companies with RPOA members. From introductory emails and member-only events to virtual tech fairs and annual conferences, iCoCo programs offer mutually beneficial opportunities to their participants.

iCoCo Programs

iCoCo Marketplace

An online tool to find and connect with iCoCo technology and service partners.


iCoCo Forum

A peer group of RPOs, technology providers, and other industry experts who meet virtually on regular basis to review and discuss the talent technology landscape.


Why iCoco?

According to Everest Group’s 2021 report, the next generation of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO 4.0) will be automated and fully integrated talent solutions with single-sign-on access across multiple technology applications.

Talent technology is essential to the evolution of RPO providers. RPO providers who are able to combine service excellence and automated technology solutions will stay ahead in a competitive RPO marketplace. However, keeping up with the evolving landscape of talent technology and forging strategic partnerships with the best technology vendors can be a daunting task for any organization, great or small.

"The iCoCo forum is a great way for HR and Talent leaders to learn about technologies and innovation that can favorably impact their talent acquisition function, either as RPO providers or in-house talent teams."
- Joe Marino, RPOA Member and iCoCo Forum Chair


iCoCo is a mutually-beneficial solution for all stakeholders.

RPO Companies

Support business growth

Tech & Service Companies

Access or entry to the RPO market


Serve higher purpose and support own growth

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