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How a Company Scaled Their Hiring Solution Through Strategic Partnership

eBook | Advanced RPO

Learn how this strategic partnership was the key to scale the organization’s recruiting capacity to meet its fluctuating needs, improve the efficiency of its 27-step hiring process, and save over $1 million dollars annually by increasing the retention and training pass rate of candidates.

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Surprise! 5 Things You Didn't Know Your RPO Could ProvidER

Webinar | Speakers: Mandy McPherson & Patty Silbert | Newton Talent

When VP of HR Mandy McPherson first considered recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) for meeting the challenges of keeping pace with Lumina Foods’ growth, she didn’t realize how many ways her new partnership would help her meet them! Mandy joins Patty Silbert, President of Newton Talent, to discuss the unexpected advantages of working with an RPO.

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Managing Aggressive Growth

eBook | AdvancedRPO

In this case study, you will learn how this organization was able to recruit and engage top talent (with 73% from passive candidates), exceed hiring manager and candidate satisfaction goals and reduce hiring cycle time by more than sixty days by implementing a tailored recruitment process outsourcing program.

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RPO Implementation: Laying the Ground Work for Success

Webinar  | Presenters: Ryan Baca & Heather McGotty | About Talent & Welche's Food Inc. 

This webinar provides a case study of how Welch’s Foods Inc. a Consumer Goods Company, selected and implemented RPO to streamline and standardize their talent acquisition process. The process allowed Welch's HR professionals to become more strategic business partners. This presentation is a deep dive into the implementation process and experience. 

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Panel Discussion | Moderator: Ryan Baca | Panelists: Heather McGotty, Malaika Kettke, Don Codner, Cynthia Cohen

This panel discussion focuses on the relationship between RPO customers and service providers at various stages of an engagement lifecycle. The panelists, HR professionals who sat on both sides of the RPO table, share their experiences and methods that contributed to developing a productive RPO program.

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Recruiter on Demand

eBook | Orion Novotus

A decentralized hiring process with no recruiting process or Applicant Tracking System led this company to unorganized operations and attrition. Learn how an RPO provided 78 hires and created weekly pipeline reports to establish metrics including time-to-fill, cycle time, selection ratios, sourcing data, and hiring manager satisfaction --all at a cost per hire of just over $900.

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Panel discussion | Moderator by: Frank Casale. Panelists: Mike Mayeux, John Younger | Novotus & Accolo & Outsourcing Institute 

Explore the evolution of recruitment process outsourcing over the past ten years from both buyer and provider perspectives.

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Traveler Reduction Results in Major Savings

eBook | Hueman RPO | Sponsored Content

Premium labor expenses are at an all-time high for healthcare organizations. In 2016, these companies spent more than 50% of their revenue on labor costs. And, due to limited candidate availability and an increasing number of jobs being added to the healthcare labor market each month, this premium labor spend - on both overtime and temporary staffing spend - is projected to grow. Hueman RPO launched a specific program focused on reducing premium labor spend for our partners, and are seeing great success. 

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Webinar | Presenters: Matt Rivera & Andy Roane | Yoh

From project-based RPO to a full-scale program, learn about the client’s need, the type of RPO program that was implemented, and the metrics used to measure results.  

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Transitioning Your Recruiting Organization

Webinar | Presenters: Jimmy Taylor & Juste Turner | Novotus

Managing talent acquisition in highly competitive industries is always a challenge. Mix in the additional challenges of mergers and acquisitions and a decentralized recruiting function and the task is even harder. When faced with those challenges this company had to choose to maintain the status quo, or to reorganize their recruiting into a streamlined centralized recruiting function. In this webinar, Jimmy Taylor and Juste Turner with Novotus, will present a case study on the three year partnership to build a centralized corporate recruiting function for their client. 

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