Corporate RPOA membership is exclusive to U.S.-based RPO companies. 

Showcase your company as a thought leader in the RPO marketplace. 

Get access to robust programs designed to provide you with added credibility, brand awareness and business opportunity.

Why Become a Corporate Member?

The talent acquisition marketplace continues to change and evolve. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) leaders recognize the need to pivot and adapt to changes in order to meet market needs. 

The Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA) is committed to keeping you informed of marketplace changes and connecting you with like-minded leaders to discuss challenges and opportunities facing RPO today. 

In addition, the Association provides RPO leaders with a unique opportunity to share a collective voice and thought leadership for the recruitment process outsourcing industry. 

Our robust membership programs, including speaking engagements, editorial contributions, and lead generation, are designed to provide your company with increased credibility, brand awareness, and business opportunity. 

It takes strong leaders and engaged community members to grow an industry. 

If you’re passionate about RPO, Join us in making a difference in shaping and advancing the RPO industry.

Establish yourself as an industry thought-leader in the RPO marketplace

Membership with the RPOA offers you a variety of high-impact, low-resource content marketing programs.

Featured Expert

Contribute to content produced by our editorial team as a subject matter expert. 

RPO Spotlight

Showcase your company with an RPO Spotlight story.

Speaking Engagements 


Participate in speaking engagements through our webinar program. 

Co-branded eBooks

Get quality eBooks based on your webinar presentation authored and co-branded for your company. 

Co-Branded eBooks

Build an Active Pipeline of High-Quality RPO Leads

Our innovative lead generation program is unparalleled in its design and results.

RPO Leads 

Receive daily emails with contact information of qualified leads for your RPO business. 

RPO Discovery Center 

Get a premium listing in one of the most researched online tools for finding vetted RPO vendors.

Extend Your Marketing Reach

Our website is the most highly trafficked digital destination specifically for RPO in the world - "it’s like being at a conference completely focused on RPO attended by over 12,000 people every single month."

RPO Post 

Gain name recognition as an industry expert by publishing or being featured in our blog.

RPOA Weekly 

Promote your content in the RPOA Weekly newsletter and blog.  

Promoted Content

Promote resources you produce (eBooks, case studies, webinars) on our website and get inbound links and direct leads to your site. 

Social Sharing

Get social media enforcement by having your content shared through our social networks.

Here’s what talent acquisition and recruitment process outsourcing leaders are saying about the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association:

"The best leads we get for our business are from the RPOA."

"The RPOA has been the best partner we have."

"The RPOA is a networking place to share my knowledge and get to know people interested in RPO."

"The RPOA is a great resource for potential customers and a great way to further our industry."

"I found the RPOA online as we were researching RPO for our company. I introduced seven of my team members to the RPOA to learn and familiarize themselves with the concept and the process. We found our RPO partner through the RPO Discovery Center and used RPOA resources to guide our selection process and get us ready for the implementation."

Membership Benefit Summary

Lead Generation

Speaking Engagements

Co-Branded eBooks

Premium RPO Directory Listing

Member Badge

RPO Spotlight

Promoted Content

Company Logo

Featured Expert




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