Lamees Abourahma 


Lamees is an entrepreneur with great passion for building remarkable organizations with exceptional services and customer experience. With a couple of degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics, Lamees started her career as a software developer for data communication giant (at the time) Nortel Networks in Ottawa, Canada. After getting married and moving with her husband to Columbia, South Carolina, she re-invented her career in the fields of website development and digital marketing while raising two young children. A life-learner and high-achiever, Lamees continued to develop her personal and professionals skills and knowledge through online training. Lamees is a graduate of Michael Gerbers's E-Myth, and a Dale Carnegie award-winner. Lamees founded Webbright, a membership website development company serving professional associations in 2009.   She first crossed paths with the founders of the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association when she was hired to build the RPO Directory in 2011. When the position of the executive director for the association became open that year, she was thrilled to be selected for the job.  Since then, Lamees has been working with the founders and the board on growing the organization, gaining momentum, and building new initiatives.  Lamees has an Master of Business Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University, a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computing Science from Saint Mary's University, and a Master's degree in Computer Science from University of Waterloo. She's a certified Inbound Marketer, E-Myth graduate, a Dale Carnegie award winner, and a life-learner

Brent Trotter 

Content and Communication Strategist

Brent G. Trotter is a Digital Marketing Consultant and Strategist. His career mission is to empower and inspire individuals and organizations so they can reach their utmost potential. He started his career in marketing research at Edelman where he was hired to conduct secondary research and media analysis for a range of clients from Starbucks to Microsoft. Subsequently, he transitioned to iProspect, a performance marketing agency, where he worked to meet paid search advertising goals for Sears and K-Mart. He spent the next three years at the global advertising firm Ogilvy & Mather working in account management. He gained an array of experience managing projects, senior and junior clients, cross-functional teams and looming deadlines for S.C. Johnson, the global CPG company. His passion for the industry is driven by a desire to understand people and words and use that info to solve problems -- from social to interpersonal to commercial.



Steven Dashiell is a Freelance Writer with over five years of professional writing experience. With a background in journalism, content marketing, and copywriting, Steve has worked on a variety of verticals, including accounting, law, health care, and the non-profit sector. Before launching his freelance writing career, Steve spent three years working as reporter/editor for DecisionHealth where he helped publish two profitable newsletters: Inside the Joint Commission and Environment of Care Leader. In his free time, Steve enjoys hiking, drawing and oil painting, reading, checking out local foodie spots and dive bars, and nerding out on technology. Steve graduated from University of Maryland, Baltimore County with a Bachelors in Fine Arts and a Minor in Writing: Composition and Rhetoric.




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