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iCoCo Forum

  • May 25, 2023
  • 3:30 PM
  • Zoom

This is an invitation-only event organized by the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association for RPO, talent acquisition, and tech leaders interested in staying current in the talent tech landscape. In this 60-minute virtual event, members share experiences and discuss current topics with industry peers. Learn about RPOA Forums.

In addition to member discussions, we will have two presenters at this meeting. Jeremy Lessaris will be introducing his new tool,, and Zach Chertoke will be sharing an overview of the talent tech landscape based on his recent tech conference tour in 2023. 

About the Presenters

Jeremy Lessaris, Founder and CEO of 

Over the past twenty years, Jeremy has been deeply immersed in the technology industry, establishing and investing in numerous ventures across various industries. His experience has resulted in seven successful exits, specifically in the fields of financial technolog (fintech) and marketing technology (martech). Harnessing his extensive knowledge of big data, data mining, and the latest expansions in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) languages, Jeremy has stumbled upon a unique dataset that precisely identifies the "intent to hire" among organizations.

This proprietary model not only captures the intention data, but also enriches it with comprehensive information about the company hierarchy and targeted contacts. It does so in a manner that is fully compliant with all applicable privacy and data protection regulations. As a result, ihire dataset provides unparalleled access to direct dials, emails, phone numbers, and social profile information of individuals occupying targeted roles within these organizations.

By leveraging this sophisticated and highly accurate dataset, recruitment agencies can gain a real-time competitive advantage in today’s AI-paced market. Our solution enables them to pinpoint the right person at the right organizations at the right time. This degree of targeting translates into significantly enhanced, bottom-line results.

Zachary Chertok, Research Manager - Employee Experience at IDC and Columbia University Associate 

I am strategist focused on the next generation of dynamic resource interactions in the market and within organizations. As management focuses less on data generation and more on data interactions, I study and live at the nexus of different organizational segments to understand, visualize, and report on how different combinations of resources produce different profitability and performance opportunities.

I have a diverse background spanning workforce planning, talent strategy, business strategy and market orientation, operational resource planning, and high-level supply chain partnership analysis. I have consistently worked in all of these areas and in complex data environments to surface insights and understanding about the state of business and business positions as they relate to underlying economic factors. I have also published research into how strategic business positions support the execution of new projects to solve key areas of value lag within organizations in the public and private sector.

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