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Cora Walker

Vice President Human Resources, OmniCable

Cora Walker is the Vice President of Human Resources for Omni Cable, a private company based out of West Chester, Pennsylvania. Omni Cable is a specialty, customized wire and cable redistributor. The company sells exclusively into the electrical distribution market and has about 327 employees across 11 states and in Canada sitting in 15 different locations.

In her current role, Cora oversees the company’s Talent Acquisition as well as Employee Relations and Compliance and other parts of Human Resources. Cora has 20 years of HR experience. She started her career as a recruiter and was one of 75 in-house recruiters for Aramark back in the early 2000s.

About 5 years ago, Cora transitioned her way back into the generalist role and had her first experience working with an RPO to help solve some challenging Talent Acquisition issues.

As it stands today, Omni Cable key focus from a Talent Acquisition perspective is on diversity. The company is a close-knit family-owned business serving a very specific industry with not a lot of diversity. There's a very strong focus in terms of identifying Talent from a gender and ethnicity standpoint. In addition, Omni Cable faces a huge competition around hourly entry-level positions as the hospitality industry continues to push the envelope with regard to minimum wage. The company continues to have real serious challenges that they never had before in a manufacturing or distribution business environment because you are always kind of paying higher than everyone else.

Some of the key recruiting areas Northwest Community Healthcare is focusing on in the current year r is dealing with a competition issue for entry-level jobs. In particular, Environmental Services AIDS and Nutritional and Food Services AIDS are two of the most challenging positions to hire for, as well as Medical Assistance, because of competing with salaries from the hospitality industry.

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